Pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry


A brief history

The current pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry department was founded in 1970 as the Special Chemistry department by Dr. Habilitat in pharmacy, university professor, Filip Babilev. During reorganizations in the Department as a result it changed the titles: 1981 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry, in 1987 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy,  1994 – in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicology. Since 1995 and until now the department staff is led by Vladimir Valica, PhD in pharmacy, professor. Over the years the chair contribute to the improvement of the study process, the renovation plans and curricula for students, residents and students, is looking for and implementing new forms of training, the most modern methods of investigation, computerization of the educational process , post-graduate training in line with the reforms and reshuffles in the pharmaceutical system. The scientific activity of employees fall into the general theme of the chair “Development of analytical methods and standards for pharmaceuticals. Chemical-toxicological analysis of medicines. ” At the department  prospective pharmacists study compulsory courses: Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Year III, IV), toxicological chemistry (fourth year), pharmaceutical research methodology (fourth year), biopharmaceutical  analysis (since 2013 medical chemistry) and control of drug (fifth year), and the Optional: supplements chemistry food and nutrient, modern instrumental methods (third year), sanitary chemistry (fourth year) and residency training in the specialty “Pharmacy” year I and II training courses for pharmacists (3 cycles per semester). Department has four classrooms, two science research laboratories that are equipped with modern equipment designed for research by photometric, chromatography, thermal etc methods.