Pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry


International collaboration

The Department Staff collaborates closely with colleagues from the Faculty of Pharmacy from many countries: Romania, Ukraine, Russia, UK, France, Canada, Poland. Fruitful relations maintained through bilateral cooperation agreements established over the years with tangential departments within the Faculty of Pharmacy of Targu-Mures, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Bucharest in Romania, where co-chair also spent several specialized internships. However, internships take place in other universities, University of Warwick, UK; UMM “IMSecenov”, Russia, and others.

International Projects

  1. “Obtaining and physicochemical characterization of new thioureidos acid 2 – (2-phenethyl)- benzoic acid and corresponding metal complexes as potential antimicrobial substances” Team: Dir.Pr. Cotelea T., I. Casian, Casian A. Stratan E., Crudu V. Iu Tihon., Suvorchina O., Buga A.
  2. “New Approaches to the Synthesis of optically active Cannabinoids relevant biological activity and therapeutic potential”, Team: Kulciţki V., Hungarians N., Ciocîrlan A., T. Cotelea